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May 23, 2016
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June 1, 2016
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The screens will keep the debris away so that they do not collect in the hoses and end up clogged. You may wash the screen at once. It is good to replace them and to reattach these hoses. When the machine continues to rumble and it is not draining, you have to examine its pump for the need for washing machine repairs Putney. Before you can try to access the pump, you need to sponge out or to bail out the water found in a machine tub. You can then tip the washer over on its front and use a heavy blanket and a pad in order to protect the finish of the washer. You can remove the back of the service panel, and the pump is normally located on the bottom of a machine. However, the unit may be tipped at the front and it is easier to remove the pump at the back compared to the bottom of a washer.
To know where the pump is, you have to check where there are two large hoses that are attached to it using a strap or spring clips. When the clips are found in the spring type, you can pinch ends of a clip together with the pliers so that you may release them. You can then slide the clips down to the hoses. When the hoses are crimped or kinked on the connections, you have to strengthen them in the best way that you are able to do it. You can then try the machine to see if such kinking was behind the problem. When the machine is not draining, you need to remove the water pump. In order to remove the water pump, you need to loosen bolts and hold the drive belt and move out the washer motor on the brackets in order to loosen its belt. You should then move the motor out of your way in order to unbolt its pump and to do washing machine repairs Putney.

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