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The clogged walk-in shower drain is too annoying, but it is easy to fix. With a combination of clearing out the drain strainer and covering the heavy duty drain cleaner, the shower will be running in a smooth way in a few minutes. You should start by removing the drain strainer from the blocked shower Putney. You need to peel off the clumps of hair and get rid of them. You need to use the scrub so that you may get the excess soap build-up away or the residue from the strainer. You can put the strainer aside.
You should then pour out the recommended amount of drain cleaner in the open drain and follow the instructions at the back of the bottle. You have to wait for some minutes before you can turn the shower on as hot as you can. You should let the hot water run within the drain and activate the drain cleaner and clear away the entire clog.
You should turn the water off when you do not see any water build up. You need to ensure that you rinsed off the excess drain cleaner found at the floor of your shower. You should then re-insert the drain strainer in the drain.
If the shower does not have hot water or if the water is not too hot, you need to consider having the hot water in a bucket near you. The hair clog remover can also be used to get rid of the blocked shower Putney. You can use the clog remover to any type of drain since it is safe. If you do not know the pipes that have been used on your house, you have to use the clog remover that is labeled to be used for any plumbing system. You have to follow the instructions on the package for timing and measurements.

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