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Companies who manufacture magnetic cleaners for central heating systems are growing but now have also added some other bits and pieces to the basic mechanism. Putney Plumbers fit magnetic cleaner units. Now, your central heating system has probably been installed for a long time and there will undoubtedly be a huge buildup of mess living in the system, made up mostly of rotten and rusty metal. A good thing about this is that the metal is of course magnetic, and since it tends to bind to pretty much all of the debris in the system, this then means that nearly all the stuff that kills off your central heating can be removed by using a magnet.

They are not hard to fit:

First of all you need to drain your whole central heating system, then, cut into the pipework at an east to access point. This will normally be on the return pipe below the boiler. You can then fit the cleaner kit along with its own isolating valves. The manufacturers instructions should be followed completely, they are quite basic to understand, (if not confident you should call a professional). A Putney Plumber understands magnetic cleaning systems. Once you fit the kit it is just a case of refilling the system.

Many variations of these kits exist so make sure you install the one that is right for your system. When the unit is installed you will just need to take out and clean the magnet now and again, this will probably be once around the three month period to begin with. Once a year after this will be fine.

The majority of these kits can also be used to add a corrosion inhibitor to the system, by isolating at their valves and opening them up. Empty the contents of the container, add the corrosion inhibitor, close up, open the isolation valves and the job is complete.

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