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Sometimes you hear a hissing noise in the night. You will notice that your bill of water is higher than normal routine. If you are still continuously ignoring your toilet problems, it might cost your hundreds of Pounds unnecessarily. Fixing of a leak toilet is not a hard skill to learn. If you learn to solve the leaking toilet problem by yourself, savings will last a lifetime.
Finding the Cause
The first thing to solve any kind of plumbing problem is to find the cause of problem and then try to fix it. In order to find the toilet leaking cause we have to learn how toilet actually works.
When you push the toilet handle, it moves a rod upward, which is called a flapper. Flapper is preventing the tank water from draining into toilet. Flapper has an air pocket. Flapper keeps tank water level up because of its air pocket. As the flapper level drops, It will fall right back into its back position.
Other cause of leaking toilet may be that water is leaking through the flapper part, which is located at the bottom. To test this problem put some food color into water tank. If there is some coloring in bowl of the tank, it means your flapper is not completely sealing drain hole. If this happens, you have to buy a new flapper for your toilet. Make sure that the rod position is vertical so that the tank ball sits perpendicularly in the drain hole.
Call a plumber
If you have fear that you might make the situation even worse then in this case it is a valid reason for you to seek help from the professional plumbers of Plumber Putney. Our company Plumbers Putney provides skilled plumbers that are able to diagnose and fix the leaks problems.

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