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June 1, 2016
How to unblock an outside drain
July 1, 2016
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The manhole is around where the sanitary sewers, storm water and the water of the city pass through. The manhole is used to inspect or maintain pipes that carry water, wastewater or storm water. The sewer crew does not enter into the manhole most of the time, but the inspection is done at its top while using the camera in order to inspect the pipes. The water crew does enter in the manholes when it has to perform the maintenance or to work on the blocked manhole Putney. The manhole is covered by a cast iron lid and it is marked with the name of the company in charge. Besides the blocked manholes, other problems that may require working on the manhole include noisy operation, loose parts, leaking water, broken or damaged parts and a missing manhole. The manhole may be clogged by foreign objects that get flushed with the toilet or from tree roots that can invade the drain. The good news is that with the drain rods, the blockage can be cleared faster.
The set of drain rods can be bought from a DIY store and it is the best investment since it will pay for itself as time passes. The rods are a set of many flexible but at the same time stiff metal rods, and they can be connected at each end within the drain in order to remove a clog. There are the resemble plungers which may be pushed through the blockage and the scrape within the surface of a pipe. There are others that are corkscrew shaped and they are the best in tearing off tree roots which may invade a drain. It takes about 30 minutes to unplug the drain. You need to have some goggles, gloves, protective clothing and drain rods with a hose before you can start to work on the blocked manhole Putney.

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