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May 1, 2014
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Thermostatic Devices.

A single thermostatic controller will not provide the best control coverage around a home. It will not be able to feel and alter any temperature difference from say, an open window or door that is far away from its location. Below are some options:


Valves (TRVs) on radiators that react to different temperatures are a great innovation for the control of flowing water temperature in radiators in the home, and are very flexible in their programming.
Automatically operated central heating controls are really only suitable for use with gas/oil using central heating systems. A Putney Plumber fits these valves.

Time Programmer.

A device that allows you to make subtle timing changes to the central heating and hot water systems so you can say when they operate.

They can be a clockwork style mechanism, although these are now old fashioned and not fitted. More than likely, a digital pushbutton type will be fitted. Putney Plumbers install timing devices.

Digital Programmer.

The programmer piece of kit will more than likely to be located in an upstairs cupboard (airing). Normally fitted on the newly installed boilers, for control of central heating only or the heating system and hot water together.

Zone control.

If your house can be clearly and easily divided into different zones that can be shut down at various times during the 24-hour period, you will be able to install a zone control valve in your system. The valve can then be set to suit the way in which your household uses the heating throughout the day.

Motor Valves.

These are used as a control for the flow of the water from the boiler output, through to the heating and water systems.

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